Reading in the Rain: Books for Kids -- Shapes

I’ve been working on a lot of art projects for kids lately and so this week’s recommendations are inspired by the shapes I’ve been cutting out of construction paper. Two of this week’s books focus on the ubiquitous circle, while the third focuses on the surprisingly versatile heart. Read one of these books and follow up by finding all the shapes around your house, your yard, the park, or your neighborhood. Even if your child isn’t talking yet, point out shapes to them throughout the day. Currently, King County Library System (KCLS) has copies of these books in their catalog.


Press Here by Hervé Tullet

Chronicle Books, 978-0811879545


Beginning with a small yellow circle, this book takes the reader on an interactive journey. Press the dot and turn the page and now there are two yellow dots. Gently rub the left dot and turn the page and now the dot is red. As you progress there are more instructions and more dots, red, yellow, and blue.. The strategically placed page turns are the magic design element. Each instruction is followed by a page turn and even adults will be curious to see what their actions have done to the dots.



Round is a Pancake by Joan Sullivan Baranski, Illustrated by Yu-Mei Han

Dutton Juvenile, 978-0525461739


Join the members of this exuberant royal court as they celebrate all things round. From pancakes to lollipops, cherries to coins, this book will have you looking around, “on the ground, in the air. You will find round things everywhere!” The rhyming text of this book is printed in a large, bold font that curves its way through the circle-filled landscape.


My Heart is a Like a Zoo by Michael Hall

Greenwillow Books, 978-0061915109


All the animals in this colorful and vibrant book, from the hungry heron to the silly seal are created from heart shapes. The book uses animals to express the different kinds of love we can feel, from thoughtful to brave. Hall’s digital illustrations are precise, yet playful as he manipulates the simple heart shape into different animal forms.