LETTER | Kirkland Parks Levy

Dear Editor:

I’m voting Yes! For Great Kirkland Parks on November 6th – City of Kirkland Proposition No. 2.  I have lived and owned a business in Kirkland for 12 years.  As a resident I use and value Kirkland’s spectacular parks, trails, and open spaces.  As a local owner of a business I have deepened my connection to the community and understand how important the City’s parks system has played in our quality of life.  My office is located across the street from Juanita Bay Park, an oasis of wildlife habitat, forests, and open spaces.  It is an important reason our business is located here.  I’m reminded everyday looking out at this Kirkland treasure that our community has acted wisely and with vision to save these wonderful places for all of us to enjoy.  In fact, time and time again local residents have invested in its parks system when the need arose.  Due to the economic downturn, our parks have experienced significant reductions in maintenance staffing and needed capital improvements.  It’s now our turn to help maintain, renovate, and enhance Kirkland’s parks and natural areas.  Our parks system is inextricably linked to Kirkland’s identity, quality of life, and a source of great civic pride.  Let’s pass this important levy which is a product of significant citizen involvement and focuses on parks safety, maintenance and renovation, and getting a great start on the Cross Kirkland Trail.


Bill Schultheis