“Esther and the King” in Kirkland, October 19 - 20

A cast and crew of over 40 children, teens, and adults will perform a musical rendition of the Biblical story “Esther and the King” in Kirkland on October 19-20.


Based on the Old Testament book of Esther, the play combines a timeless scriptural story of treachery, faith, and courage with songs and dancing. In the story, King Ahasuerus needs a new queen and all single maidens in the kingdom are invited to “audition”.  Esther is a young Jewish woman who is encouraged by her uncle Mordecai to meet with the king without revealing her heritage, and ends up being chosen to be the new queen of the land.  She continues to hide her religion from the Persian royalty until anti-Semitic tensions — led by Haman, one of the royal princes — rise in the kingdom and her people are threatened.  Will Esther be willing to confess her heritage to the King — putting her own life directly at risk — to save her people?


“Esther and the King” will be performed at 7:30PM on Friday, October 19, and at 2:00PM and 7:30PM on Saturday, October 20. Admission to all performances is free, but tickets are required for admission due to limited seating at each performance. Tickets may be requested online at www.EstherAndTheKing.com.


All performances will be at the Rose Hill Building of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 7720 126th Avenue NE, in the South Rose Hill neighborhood of Kirkland just off NE 85th Street. Ample free parking is available.


For additional information, visit www.EstherAndTheKing.com or email info@EstherAndTheKing.com.


The program is presented by the Kirkland Washington Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.