LETTER | In Support of Proposition 2

Dear Editor,

I’ve been a Kirkland resident for 24 years, and the things I love best about living here are the water, parks, trails, and green spaces. That’s why I’ll be voting for Proposition 2, the Levy for Kirkland Parks, in November.

As sales tax revenue has dwindled, city budgets have been slashed. Parks have been especially hard hit.

The levy will provide critical funding for the Cross Kirkland Corridor and the Green Kirkland program, both of which are very important to me personally. I’m eager to walk on the 6-mile corridor. I’m eager to see our urban forests restored to health, without ivy climbing the trees and blackberry choking out the native plants.

Proposition 2 will also provide funding for park maintenance, lifeguards, and much more.

It’s a lot of value for about $5 a month.

Sincerely, Karen Story, Green Kirkland volunteer and Highlands neighborhood chair