Kudos Kirkland Strikes Again - Clean Up Crew Tackles Area Near Heritage Park Tennis Court

On Thursday, Kudos Kirkland held their weekly clean up event at Heritage Park. Sue Contreras, George Noble, Lisa O’Brian, Tia Scarce, Diane Wainhouse and Michelle Sailor worked with Rose from the Parks Dept. to weed and prune the landscape bed next to the tennis court. They focused their efforts on the roadside bed and the job was finished two hours flat. The photos say it all.

If you ever want to join Kudos Kirkland and help clean up our city, you are welcome every Thursday morning from 8 - 10a.m. Please contact Michelle Sailor (msailor@kudoskirkland.com) for details. The group typically works with Kirkland's Public Works and Parks Departments in areas that need a little extra help but are not necessarily on their highest priority list. Join the group and you may see a familiar face or two. The Fall Season is fast approaching and that means falling leaves. Kudos will focus on downtown at that time to assist in sweeping up leaves, many, many leaves.

For more information, please visit www.kudoskirkland.com