Will this be the Houghton of Tomorrow?

Proposed zoning changes to the Houghton/Everest Business District would allow for 4 to 5 story buildings and dramatically alter the business area in Houghton which includes businesses such as 7-11, Menchie’s, Toshies, the Shell Station, Metropolitan Market, Starbucks, Bank of America and the center where PCC is located.

The Central Houghton Neighborhood Plan includes a section in its Vision Statement that describes the character and qualities desired for the Houghton/Everest Neighborhood Center in the future. This Vision Statement guides city planners:

Local citizens value the variety of opportunities to meet in shops and restaurants within the Houghton/Everest Business District, as well as in casual locations in the neighborhood’s parks and natural areas. The Houghton/Everest Business District has evolved into a thriving, pedestrian-oriented mixed-use center, with businesses available to meet the retail and service needs of the community. Appropriate streetscapes, site layouts and building designs provide an attractive and coordinated appearance within the district. Careful attention to the placement and design of vehicle and pedestrian access from commercial areas to surrounding streets contributes to an efficient street network, and avoids conflicts with nearby low density areas.

A joint Planning Commission and Houghton Community Council Public Hearing scheduled for October 11.

The following is a tentative schedule for the project:

  • 9/13/12 - PC and HCC joint study session to review draft plan and code amendments.
  •  9/24/12 - HCC meeting to review draft plan and code amendments.
  • 9/27/12 - PC meeting to review draft plan and code amendments.
  • 10/11/12 - Joint public hearing with PC and HCC to take public comment. o September-October 2012 – Public Open House and/or attendance at CH and Everest Neighborhood meetings.
  • Mid-October 2012 - Complete SEPA and CTED 60 day notice.
  • 10/22/12 - HCC meeting to deliberate and make recommendation to PC. o 10/25/12 - PC meeting to deliberate and make recommendation to CC.
  • 12/4/12 or 12/18/12 - to CC regular session for adoption of Comprehensive Plan amendments.
  • 1/28/13 – to HCC for final approval of amendments in area of jurisdiction. o End of March 2013 – Complete Zoning Code amendments.

To review the Houghton/Everest Neighborhood Center amendments including maps and additional drawings, click here.