TEDxBellevue A dynamic conference on Sustainable Happiness: from someday to everyday

TEDxBellevue A dynamic conference on Sustainable Happiness: from someday to everyday

On September 30th, 100 of the Puget Sound area’s most impassioned change-makers will come together to explore the potential for building a global community with Sustainable Happiness at its core.


TEDxBellevue envisions healthy communities where common good, holistic life balance and daily play are valued over short-term profits, personal interests and the idea that we can buy temporary satisfaction. The day-long conference will invite local leaders to engage with ideas worth doing, which can be implemented on a local level to produce tangible, positive impacts in their communities. By bringing together happiness-driven thinkers and doers, TEDxBellevue will foster a dynamic environment where discussions and collaborations spark real results on a local and global scale.


“After reading David Korten's Agenda for a New Economy, I discovered the term ‘sustainable happiness’. Here was a credible guy who provided a blueprint for creating new measures for a new economy based on education levels, ecological foot print, supporting local businesses, relationships, etc.  Now I had a blueprint to follow and next was gathering the right local leaders and decision makers to come together to start creating a new normal of economy based on humanity's well-being vs. solely income/profits,” said Anna Choi, TEDxBellevue curator.


Drawing on insights from 12 experts in the fields of science, philanthropy, business, non-profit, art and, entertainment, the conference will explore the diverse interpretations and scales of implementation that Sustainable Happiness can have. 2 of the speakers will include:


  • John De Graaf – The national coordinator of TAKE BACK YOUR TIME, an organization challenging time poverty and overwork in the U.S. and Canada (see www.timeday.org) and a frequent speaker on issues of overwork and over-consumption in America. He is often a guest lecturer on college campuses.
  •  Thach Nguyen – A Vietnamese refugee who once lived in a homeless shelter, Nguyen has become a real estate agent, developer and philanthropist. He hopes to inspire and empower billions of people to reach for their dreams by sharing his life story and showing them that anything is possible.

The independently produced event, operated under a license from TED, aims to connect and build communities that will support balanced lives, workability, and play for generations to come.


EVENT DETAILS Name: TEDxBellevue Location: Cast Iron Studios (10650 NE 4th St.) in downtown Bellevue, WA Date: Sunday, September 30th from 1pm-7pm (PST) Cost: Tickets are $100 each and are available by application only at tedxbellevue.com. Tickets go on sale Monday, August 27th


More information about the conference available at www.tedxbellevue.com