Smoke Detector Saves Kirkland Residents, Home

No injuries were reported at scene of fire


Fire crews responded to emergency calls of a structure fire in the North Rose Hill neighborhood July 24. A neighbor called 9-1-1 after hearing a smoke detector in the garage of the residence. The early warning of the detector also gave the neighbor time to notify the home’s occupants of the fire and evacuate the residence.


“This is a great testimony to the life-saving effects of smoke detectors,” said Battalion Chief Mike Haschak, Kirkland Fire Department. “The detector alerted both the neighbor and occupants of the fire that would have almost certainly gone undetected until flames had spread to other areas of the home.”


The initial emergency call reported the address of the home as Northeast 124th Avenue, when it was actually located on 124th Avenue Northeast. This caused fire crews to respond to the wrong address. However, the neighbor flagged down a passing police officer, who was able to relay the correct address to the fire dispatcher and responding fire crews. The fire started in and was contained to the garage of the residence. No injuries to residents or firefighters were reported at the scene.