Reading in the Rain: Books for Kids -- Dogs

Reading in the Rain: Books for Kids  

Check out one of this week’s books about dogs to read before or after attending the Go Dog, Go! Kirkland Canine Festival and Dog Walk at Juanita Beach Park on July 28 from 10am to 5pm. The dogs in this week’s books are memorable characters, from confused little George to pampered Trixie Twinkle Toes Trot-a-Lot Delight. Encourage your children to read to their pet dogs. Dogs are the perfect, no pressure, audience for new readers; they will love you no matter what story you read them.

Currently, King County Library System (KCLS) has copies of these books in their catalog.

Bark, George by Jules Feiffer

HarperCollins, 978-0062051851


“Bark, George,” says George’s mother. Unfortunately, George makes everyone sound but a proper doggy “Arf.” He meows, moos, and oinks, but he just can’t seem to bark. At the vet’s office, the vet reaches inside George’s mouth and pulls out a live cat! Finally, after pulling out a duck, a pig, and a cow, George is able to bark. Kids will enjoy the funny ending and the repeated refrain, “Bark, George.” Although it may seem gross that George has animals living inside his stomach, most kids will find this element hilarious rather than off-putting.


One-Dog Canoe by Mary Casanova, Illustrated by Ard Hoyt

Square Fish, 978-0312561185


One day a young girl and her faithful dog push their canoe into the lake and set off for on a trip for two. As they paddle around the lake they pass Beaver, “Can I come, too?” The girl objects that this is a “one-dog canoe,” but Beaver hops in with a slap of his tail. Despite her protestations, she somehow ends up in a “one-moose, one-bear, one-wolf, one-loon, one-beaver, one-dog canoe!”



Who Wants to Be a Poodle, I Don’t by Lauren Child

Puffin Books, 978-0141384900


This is the story of a poodle with a very unfortunate name: Trixie Twinkle Toes Trot-a-Lot Delight. She lives in the lap of luxury with her owner, Mademoiselle Verity Brulee, who makes sure that Trixie is always a model of poodle perfection. Trixie hates it she wants to be a “dazzingly dangerous daring dog.” Great for elementary school aged kids.