LETTER | Tim Eyman measure will rein in spending



Best news Washington state taxpayers will hear this week is that Tim Eyman turned in enough signatures to qualify Initiative 1185, his latest measure requiring a two-thirds vote of the Legislature in order to raise taxes, for the ballot.


Eyman and his initiatives are all that stand between taxpayers keeping what they earn and own and the grasping hands of a profligate Legislature that repeatedly shows itself incapable of restraint or of respecting what voters have told them for years: Hold the line on spending, and don't raise taxes.


I-1185 deserves the unequivocal and enthusiastic support of every taxpayer and voter in  the state. Angry howls from those who live off government – many of them very comfortably - about how it’s undemocratic or unfair or whatever provide an even stronger incentive to slam-dunk I-1185 at the ballot box.


Without I-1185, Washington state will end up like New Jersey where we're taxed 66 ways to Sunday and government wastes our money without restraint while showing contempt for the ordinary taxpayer. At least in Washington state and on tax hikes, government - the fiscal libertines in the Legislature and the governor - fears the people, which is exactly as it should be.


Scott St. Clair