Reading in the Rain: Books for Kids — Cars and Trucks


This week’s book recommendations are all about cars and trucks, just in time to get ready for the Cruise In and Dance free care show coming up on July 28. The show will take place at Marina Park on Lakeshore Plaza and activities for children will be held from 3-7pm. Currently, King County Library System (KCLS) has copies of these books in their catalog.


If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen

Puffin, 978-0142408254


One day Jack is riding in the back seat of the car while he dad drives and he begins to describe his dream car. He’d pour over design to create the perfect car, with three headlights, four taillights, two giant Cadillac fins, and a Plexiglas dome.  Inside there’s a pool, an instant snack bar, and a robot built into the driver’s seat for when you get tired. But wait, there’s more! The rhyming Seuss-like text keeps the pace of this imaginative book moving forward in this 1950’s inspired chrome and fins wonderland.




Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle, Illustrated by Jill McElmurry

Harcourt Children’s Books, 978-0152056612


The Little Blue Truck drives along sleepy country roads. As he drives he makes friends with the animals along the road. Suddenly, a huge yellow dump truck zooms rudely past the Little Blue Truck. Unfortunately, rain has turned the road to mud and the dump truck is soon spinning his wheels in the muck. Can the Little Blue Truck and his friends rescue the dump truck?




Rattletrap Car by Phyllis Root, Illustrated by Jill Barton

Candlewick, 978-0763620073


It’s hot, hot, hot and Junie, Jakie, the baby and Poppa hop in the rattletrap car to go to the beach. They pack beach toys, a thermos of razzleberry dazzleberry snazzleberry fizz and some chocolate marshmallow fudge delight. But, the rattletrap car keeps breaking down, how will the family use what they’ve got to get to the beach? The rhyming text of this jaunty book just begs to be read a loud. Each time the family fixes the car and starts it back up another set of noises is added to the “brum brum, brum brum” of the rattletrap car.