LETTER | Parking spaces in Juanita Village are few and far between

Has the parking situation hit Juanita Village like in downtown Kirkland?
What were the City planners thinking of?
With all the new construction of apartments around Starbucks, and new condos going up on 100th St., which all will have businesses on the ground level, where will all the parking be? Right now, you can drive around in circles looking for a parking spot without any additional shops. Where will the parking be when it is all finished????
How can they add all these new residences and businesses without any fore thought for the parking?  Are we to park at Juanita Beach and walk across to spend our money locally? or maybe take over the park on the north side of Juanita Dr.?
This is ridiculas to not think of customers who come to patronize the businesses not to find parking!!!
We are still a vehicle environment and not all able to walk.
Hopefully something can improve, or the business will be loosing a lot of money, if no one can find parking.
Char Jordan