LETTER | When is "nearly downtown Kirkland" considered "downtown?"

Dear Editor:

Recently comments have been made indicating that parcels on 10th Ave S and Lake St S are part of downtown. They are supposedly "close enough to downtown" that all should anticipate their parcels to bear the brunt of GMA growth. This is even though they are a mile outside of downtown.

In reality, before parcels one mile from downtown are "considered nearly downtown" and ripe for overdevelopment, there are parcels much closer, HALF THE DISTANCE, to downtown that would be more appropriate due to their closer relationship to CBD. These are properties West of Market. Everything between Waverly Way and Market Street all the way to 13th Ave W, and beyond, are much closer in and would provide more walkability than parcels that are farther away.

Let's keep a balanced and fair approach to development in Kirkland - All residents should have equal protection to their quality of life. If parcels one mile from CBD are appropriate for unlimited density then all properties within one mile should be subject to this same, unplanned, densification.


Karen Levenson