LETTER | King County Councilmembers Should Not Condone Criminal Activity

Dear Editor:

It’s a felony if someone who files a tax return uses a false SS number for employment. That person becomes a criminal.  If it’s someone other than an illegal or legal alien, they are normally prosecuted. Not so with aliens.

Citizenship should be determined.

Fingerprint records need to be sent to the FBI to be checked against a national immigration database. The program has been adopted by 2,792 jurisdictions in 49 states.

Checking against the data base takes time. It’s the reason why Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) place a 48- hour detainer.

Now, we have three King County Councilmembers Gossett, Phillips, and Patterson who are “balking” at the ICE detainer program. Are these Councilmembers willing to abet felons and give up millions of tax dollars currently being held by SS in a holding fund established on questionable returns?

Are our three Councilmembers' humane concerns for us or for illegal aliens who become felons if they use a false SS number?  It is not a minor offense. The 48-hour detainment helps to insure the safety for our citizens and instead of abetting criminal activity, it helps prevent it. It should not be balked at by elected who should uphold the law.


Robert L. Style