LETTER | Kirkland City Council Extends Moratorium

By a unanimous vote, the Council decided to extend the BN zoning moratorium vote another 6 months.  The attorneys representing the applicant for an unlimited land use density said the City was illegal to continue the moratorium because there was no reason to continue it.  They were wrong.


There were more than two dozen citizens in red that attended the Council meeting.  Concerned citizens of the organized movement called STOP and other individual proponents had their say. 


There was a strong reason to continue the moratorium.  The Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A.070) and the City’s own Mission Statement adopted by the Council says Councilmembers are “committed to the enhancement of Kirkland as a community for living, working and leisure with an excellent quality of life which preserves the City’s existing charm and natural amenities.”


It hasn't been done – yet.


In order for that to happen, the codes for land use and zoning should be changed to agree with each other and that supports the housing element of the GMA and the City’s Mission Statement.


I would hope Councilmember Nixon agrees.  Now is the time for transparency.  Communications between the Council and Planning Commission is needed.  The goal of maintaining an excellent quality of life in Kirkland should be our highest priority.


Robert L. Style