Watercraft Noise Regulations to go before Kirkland City Council in June, Informational meeting May 3

The City is committed to ensuring public safety in the areas of Lake Washington that are within our jurisdiction.  For those who live along our shores, we care that the shorelines, water quality, and wildlife are protected.  For those who recreate in our waters, we encourage safe boating, swimming, skiing and other water activities.


In recent months, the City has been considering ways to better ensure public peace and safety, especially in Juanita Bay.  On March 6, 2012, the City Council was presented with a proposed ordinance which would amend the City’s current “Watercraft Regulations” as contained in Kirkland Municipal Code Title 14.  Based upon public feedback on the proposed ordinance, the City Council seeks additional public involvement to first address watercraft noise concerns and then watercraft safety issues.


The Kirkland Police Department strives to be responsive to community boating complaints but Title 14 was originally adopted in 1960 and does not include a provision for excessive and unreasonable watercraft noise.  Many waterfront communities along Lake Washington regulate various boating related concerns including watercraft noise (e.g. engine, loud voices, music).  In keeping with Kirkland’s public disturbance laws for noise originating from land sources (e.g. vehicles, construction, buildings), the City seeks to update its watercraft regulations to include similar noise provisions. The City Council has asked to have proposed watercraft noise regulations be adopted before the busy summer months begin this year.  It anticipated that a code amendment will be presented in June.


The City is hosting an informational meeting on Thursday, May 3, 6:30-8 p.m., Kirkland City Hall, Peter Kirk Room, 123 5thAvenue, Kirkland, WA to hear concerns from residents and boaters about watercraft noise.


In addition to addressing watercraft noise, the City will be working with stakeholders to help the City take a comprehensive look at Title 14, Watercraft Regulations, including ways to address watercraft safety issues.


If you would like to receive email updates about the City’s efforts to address watercraft noise and safety, please visitwww.kirklandwa.gov (Search: Watercraft Safety).  If you have specific questions or suggestions, please contact the Kirkland Police Department information line at 425-587-3516.