City Announces First Youth Basketball “Steve Hale Sportsmanship Award” Recipients


In memory of Stephen (Steve) Hale, the City of Kirkland’s Parks Superintendent from 1956 to 1961 and “founding father” of the City’s Pee Wee basketball program, youth basketball league coaches and teammates selected players from each team to receive the Steve Hale Sportsmanship Award. Recipients of this award exemplified outstanding sportsmanship, team play, and a positive attitude throughout the 2012 season and are listed below.

Hale also served as coach, umpire, and referee for many sports and groups of all ages for 25 years in Kirkland. He developed and expanded youth sports in Kirkland and improved facilities by fostering volunteerism. Hale emphasized teamwork, fundamentals, self development, hustle, and above all fun and outstanding sportsmanship.

Hale was the original administrator of the City of Kirkland Youth Basketball League and his belief in outstanding sportsmanship continues to impact youth today. Below are the 2012 Steve Hale Sportsmanship Award recipients:

2012 Steve Hale Award Recipients:

  • Kristen Anderson
  • Makena Billington
  • Mason Burton
  • Alex Chvala
  • Nathan Craig
  • Sydney Cronk
  • Nazli Dakad
  • Hannah Davis
  • Bennett Davy
  • Thuan Do
  • Keegan Eby
  • Shane Erickson
  • Brooke Gockel
  • Kaci Gordon
  • Nathan Hackley
  • Christian Harmon
  • Kayla Huff
  • Cameron Intoug
  • Ava Jaksha
  • Sophia Jawort
  • Jonah Kern
  • Ryan Lhyle
  • Claire Longcore
  • Jake Martin
  • Finn Mercer
  • Matthew McKeag
  • Marissa Mourer
  • Wyatt Olson
  • Zubin Parida
  • Kristin Peterson
  • Brett Riggers
  • Adam Rockwood
  • Joey Ryan
  • Kobe Schilling-George
  • Tyler Schropp
  • Dylan Stockard
  • Geoffory Stripe
  • Nelson Sun
  • David Thorn
  • Laphonso Thomas
  • Blake VanWyk
  • Ty Wilson
  • ”The Sprites" Team