LETTER | Citizen petition against density was huge success

Dear Editor:
Thank you for helping to keep Kirkland the great community that we are.
Last week's petition campaign regarding residential density on Commercial zoned property in Kirkland was a HUGE success. In less than 5 days, over 500 individuals signed a citizen petition to apply a density cap to such zones. There were so many names, including those of at least 5 property developers, that a 3 ring notebook was needed.  It was presented to the Planning Commission  at its meeting Thursday, March 8.

As you may know, this is part of the Planning Commission's ongoing evaluation of such commercial zones. Potala Village on Lake Street and 10th Avenue South turns out to be just one example of what could happen in any neighborhood in the City.

Thanks to everyone who is helping with this. Slowly but surely, progress is being made.
Chuck Pilcher