LETTER | The Kirkland Residents Council

Dear Editor:

Today I am proposing a Kirkland Residents Council (KRC).  This council shall be made up of 7 elected members of the community that will have a legal standing to counter the actions of Kirkland City Staff and Kirkland City Council (KCC).

When the Kirkland City Council or Staff acts in opposition to the will of the people, the Kirkland Residents Council will utilize the court system to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to delay implementation of said order, ordinance or law.  New attorneys can practice pro-bono arguments before the courts on the KRC's behalf.

For instance: If the KCC were to institute an Anti-Marine Recreation ordinance the KRC could move to have a Superior Court Judge issue a TRO until such time that the residents could be heard and arguments made for and against the ordinance. Or if the City Council were to outlaw any form of transportation other than aluminum walkers within the downtown core, the Resident's Council could counter it. Or if 'Murder She Wrote' were named The official TV Show of Kirkland or 7:00pm were to become the mandated bedtime of all residents.

We are dangerously close to an ordinance forbidding anyone with perky breasts or non-grey hair from even entering our city limits.  Is a mandatory wrinkle law very far behind the Marine Ordinance?

The cost of The Kirkland Residents Council should not exceed $5 per resident per year and would meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at City Hall.

After all, Kirkland Residents paid for the building, they should get SOME use out of it.

John Michael Gilday