LETTER | Enforce the regulations we have now, do not add new ones

Honorable Councilmembers:


The proposed changes to watercraft regulations are too vague and not specific enough to prevent legal challenges.  The age of watercraft using Lake Washington range from new to old each one having been built with legal original manufactured equipment (OME).  Noise levels vary with each one.  Third party modifications need to be addressed.


To impose noise levels restrictions that would provide Kirkland with a cone of silence half way across the lake(the area under control of the City) without taking into consideration OME’s is questionable.  Loud cigarette speed boats generate excessive noise that reaches the shores of Kirkland but they are legal.  Are they to be prevented from operating within Kirkland’s jurisdiction?  How is that area delineated?  Unless the area under the City’s control is marked, identified, delineated, and enforced, excessive noise levels will continue.   


It would require marine enforcement units that would cover a large area, too large that is not currently enforced now by the County.  Even now County efforts to enforce current regulations are insufficient to prevent watercraft from approaching public beaches and docks.


High speed chases are possible, noise monitors are not in place, many more officers trained in marine law are needed, task and job descriptions that prevent diversion of enforcement resources should be delineated, and preexisting rights of shoreline property owners who use their watercraft for personal use getting to and from their property should be acknowledged and protected.


Good luck in creating an enforceable cone of silence and nuisance laws in Kirkland without raising taxes.  You do not adequately enforce the shoreline and marine laws we have now.  Before you add new and unenforceable ones, you had better use the taxes we're paying now to enforce what you have already adopted  We expect it.


Robert L. Style