Kirkland Crime Spree -- Norkirk house burgled twice in three weeks

In late January we reported about the burglary of a Norkirk house on 7th Ave, one of Kirkland Police Department's main patrol routes and a mere two and a half blocks from the City Hall and the Kirkland Police Department. On Friday night sometime around 7:00 p.m., burglars struck again at the same house. According to the couple living in the home, the burglars broke in through the kitchen window and exited through the back door, damaging it in the process. The couple had just purchased new computers to replace those stolen just three weeks prior, but they remained untouched. The burglars only stole jewelry including a Rolex watch which held great sentimental value.

The police took finger prints from the scene and gave the following advice: get an alarm system on the house. Even though 7th Ave. is one of KPD's main patrol routes, the area of the house where the break in occurred was hidden from the street, in an unlighted, narrow side yard.

Readers have reported increased burglary attempts in the Market, Norkirk, Highlands and Bridle Trails neighborhoods.

Don't let this happen to you

Be on the lookout for anything suspicious in your neighborhood.

Start neighborhood watch programs.

Make sure you have security lighting and consider installing an alarm system.

Report unusual activity to the police by calling 911 and informing them it is a non-emergency.

Help the KPD by securing your home and keeping an eye on your neighborhood.