LETTER | Vandalism strikes downtown Kirkland business

Dear Editor,

We are Bubble Me, the newly opened bubble tea shop at Kirkland Square and we have a story to share.  On Feb 6 around 6:20, a customer at our shop heard a big bang from outside while he was enjoying his strawberry chocolate crepe.  What happened was that someone actually threw a big rock at our store front window and broke one of the glass.   We have only been opened for business for few weeks and already received an unfriendly welcome from the neighborhood.   There were young children in the shop while the incident occurred and they were tremendously frightened. Our concern is this: is this neighborhood still safe for opening new businesses?  What will happen if they keep coming back to break more windows?  It is very expensive to replace the window glasses especially for small business that are newly opened.

We just thought that our Kirkland community should be aware of the safety of our neighborhood near downtown Kirkland.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards, Tony Chiu Owner of BubbleMe