Kirkland town hall meeting with Councilmembers Ferguson and Hague draws large crowd

Representatives from the City of Kirkland were also in attendance, including Councilmembers Dave Asher, Penny Sweet, Toby Nixon, and City Manager Kurt Triplett.
“It was great that the meeting was so well-attended and that residents were asking good questions,” said Kirkland City Councilmember Dave Asher. “I was pleased that Councilmember Ferguson co-hosted the meeting and to hear him say he would continue to be proactive in reaching out to the community.”
“We appreciated the opportunity to participate in introducing Councilmember Ferguson to the Finn Hill neighborhood,” said Kirkland City Councilmember Penny Sweet. “Our city council has worked with Councilmember Hague like a well-oiled machine for years, and the addition of Councilmember Ferguson will simply add another strong voice for Kirkland at the County.”
Ferguson, Hague, and city representatives answered questions from audience members about a wide range of issues, including Metro Transit, Big Finn Hill Park, flooding concerns near Totem Lake, and more.
At the end of the meeting, representatives from the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance (formerly the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance) surprised Councilmember Hague with a special recognition thanking her for her efforts as the area’s representative on the King County Council since 2001. Hague’s Council district changed with the recent redistricting, and Ferguson now represents the Finn Hill neighborhood.