The Cow and The Coyote Tradition Continues

[scrollGallery id=191] For years, Kirklanders have decorated The Cow and The Coyote statue on Central Way in downtown. This season, Dave and Hazel Russell teamed up with their neighbor Marylee Tyler to clothe the C&C with scarves, just in time for the big snow.

Each season, every holiday and often with little regard to rhyme nor reason, the statue seems to always get a new costume by locals wanting to contribute to the quirky tradition.

This is Kirkland’s version, albeit smaller and less well-known, of the Fremont Waiting for the Interurban.

We rather like the idea of jollying up our town, showing some pride and giving commuters something to smile about.  We’d like to say “thank you” for giving us the best dressed cow (and coyote) around.