UPDATED Burglary in Norkirk last night - Beware

UPDATE 2: Jan. 26

Another neighbor sent us this note about an attempted break in of their house in Norkirk:

We had a attempted burglary a couple weeks ago on 8th.  They tried getting in thru living room window and must have got spooked.  Not liking this!


It seems as if the Bridle Trails area has suffered from 4 burglaries in the past 2 weeks. The following was sent to us from Phil Leng:

I live in the Sablewood neighborhood next to Bridle Trails. Neighbors have reported about 4 burglaries all using the same mo. They open the garage door with a master opener remote, and steal things from the garage.


Last night we received a phone call alerting us to burglary that had taken place just hours before in a home located on 7th Ave -- just two and a half blocks from the City Hall and the Kirkland Police Department. The call came from our tenants who lease the Norkirk home. Fortunately, the lovely couple who called us after calling the police, were not harmed. They were not at home during the incident. The couple spent the night at a hotel, feeling violated, the victims of crime.

The burglars broke into the home, smashing a bedroom window after a failed attempt to enter through the bathroom window. Initial reports are that the thieves stole jewelry and three computers.

Don't let this happen to you or your neighbors. Please remain aware and on the lookout for any strange activity in your neighborhood. Call the police if you see something of concern and alert your neighbors to do the same. These criminals are becoming more brazen.