LETTER | Support HB 2610; Ignore the Petition

Please ignore the petition currently being circulated and vote for HB 2610.  Citizens of Houghton deserve no more rights than my family and I do.  We live less than 500 yards from the border of Houghton in the Moss Bay Neighborhood.  We should not have to help pay for their bounty (read “extra rights”) which slows down the process of local government.

The petition group cites that HB 2610 would deprive Houghton residents and property owners rights previously enjoyed.  Please continue this thinking (previously enjoyed) …and gently offer them the same rights and equal representation afforded my family and the rest of Kirkland.


Thank you for considering!


(Contact list taken from the petition)

Rep. Dean Takko (Chair), (360) 786-7806, vog.aw.gel@okkat.naed

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (Vice Chair), (360) 786-7952, vog.aw.gel@nobbigztif.eoj

Rep. Jan Angel (Ranking Member), (360) 786-7964, vog.aw.gel@legna.naj

Rep. Katrina Asay (Asst. Ranking Member), (360) 786-7830, vog.aw.gel@yasa.anirtak

Rep. Jay Rodne, (360) 786-7852, vog.aw.gel@endor.yaj

Rep. Norma Smith, (360) 786-7884, vog.aw.gel@htims.amron

Rep. Larry Springer, (360) 786-7822, vog.aw.gel@regnirps.yrral

Rep. Steve Tharinger, (360) 786-7904, vog.aw.gel@regniraht.evets

Rep. Dave Upthegrove, (360) 786-7868, vog.aw.gel@evorgehtpu.evad



Dan Krehbiel