Kirkland Storm Update #6: Snowy and Icy Road Conditions Continue; Flood Preparedness Encouraged


Snowy and icy road conditions continue throughout the City of Kirkland.  City crews have removed fallen trees on several roads.  According to the National Weather Service, western Washington will continue to see a “mixed bag of wintry weather tonight with freezing rain.”  Weathers conditions are expected to turn to rain by Friday, January 20, 2012; with temperatures remaining above freezing.  For current weather conditions visit the National Weather Service website at


Road and Sidewalk Maintenance; Road Closures

City maintenance crews are responding to a downed tree on Juanita Drive at approximately NE 137th Place.


The following roads remain closed

  • NE 116th Street from 98th Avenue NE to 104th Avenue NE.
  • NE 52nd Street between Lake Washington Boulevard and 108th Avenue.
  • NE 97th Street between 112th Avenue NE and 110th Avenue NE.
  • 5th Avenue South between Lake Street South and State Street South.
  • 5th Place between 15th Avenue and 18th Avenue.
  • NE 104th Street between 113th Court NE and 111th Avenue NE.
  • Several steep slope roads are currently closed; including the side streets off Market Street from 10th Avenue north to 19th Avenue.
  • 13800 block of Holmes Point Drive is closed due to a fallen tree in the roadway.


Structural Damage Reports

Residents or businesses that experience structural damage on their property, should call the Kirkland Building Department during business hours at 425-587-3600 and ask to speak to a plans examiner to arrange for an inspection. Staff will work to perform inspections and issue emergency permits for repairs as quickly as possible.


Citizens’ Help Needed

  • Residents are asked to call 9-1-1 for life emergencies only.  Calling 911 for information delays emergency calls from being answered and can delay help. These delays for emergency calls can have devastating effects on those most in need.
  • Residents and businesses are encouraged to be prepared for flooding and can find preparedness information at
  • Be aware of the potential of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Carbon monoxide is a poisonous and odorless gas that cannot be seen or smelled and that can kill a person in minutes. Carbon monoxide is produced whenever any fuel such as gas, oil, kerosene, wood, or charcoal is burned.  During power outages, carbon monoxide poisonings can happen when people bring charcoal grills and barbecue units into the home for heat and cooking. Carbon monoxide poisoning can also occur when generators or propane heaters are used indoors or in areas without sufficient ventilation.  For prevention information, go to the State Department of Health website at and select “Winter Weather.”
  • To report fallen trees in the roadway, call the Public Works Maintenance Line at 425-587-3900 (24 hours).
  • To report a fallen power line or power outage, call Puget Sound Energy at 1-888-225-5773.
  • Property owners adjacent to sidewalks are responsible for keeping them clear of snow and debris.
  • Property owners are asked to keep storm drains clear of snow and debris to allow for water to properly drain, reducing flooding.
  • Residents should prepare for possible local flooding as warming temperatures cause the snow to melt.