Power outages reported in South Kirkland

Reports of power outages began coming in from south Kirkland readers starting after 10:30 p.m. Wednesday night.Power outages have been reported from North Bellevue, Northwest University in Houghton and parts of moss Bay neighborhood.

If your power is out, please call PSE and report it at 1-888-225-5773


From PSE Facebook page:

We are working hard to restore power to customers affected by today’s winter storm. All eight western Washington counties that we serve have seen outages, most have been concentrated in Thurston County and higher elevations in Pierce and King counties the hardest-hit areas. 

We saw lower numbers of outages during the first half of today, when snow was light and powdery. However, late afternoon ice and freezing rain have increased outage numbers and created more difficult driving conditions. 

Despite the weather, our crews are making progress to restore power to local homes and businesses.

We expect that continued snow and misting, which freezes and adds significant weight on tree branches, causing them to break and short out the electrical system, will potentially cause new power outages until the weather improves. Our crews will continue to make repairs as needed with 67 four-person power line crews, or 268 people, 35 two-person tree crews, or 70 people, and 76 electric service linemen. 

Since the snow, ice and winds began causing outages early this morning crews have restored power to more than 14,000 customers.