LETTER | Governor's tax hike on oil produced in WA is a bad idea

Maintaining transportation infrastructure, funded by fee increases, including a $1.50 per barrel fee on oil produced in Washington State.

Dear Editor,


What is the difference between a “fee” and a “tax” if the money goes to the government?

Our Governor is all about “finding new revenue sources” so the pain of cutting her growing budget will be somewhat anesthetized. Why she thinks we have no way of telling how much more the gas in Washington costs over Idaho or Oregon is just weird. The nightly news mentions the national average and it is usually 25c a gallon less than the cheap stations around here. How can she add $1.50 per barrel to the price of oil and not expect it to show up at the pump… also weird.

But the per gallon price dropped a few cents so it isn’t surprising that our governor is trying to make up for it, but without putting her finger prints directly on the increase... the bill goes to the refiners and it is up to them to charge the customers to recoup the price of doing business in this state.

It’s going to be a long “short” session with ideas like this littering the legislative agenda.


Margaret Wiggins

Finn Hill