Goodbye Old Friend -- Lakeshore Gallery to close after 29 years in Kirkland

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When Georgie Kilrain opened her downtown Kirkland art gallery in 1983, little did she know how much the sleepy little town of Kirkland would change. Kirkland once had a reputation of being a haven for art galleries, having 15 plus the Kirkland Arts Center in the 1990's, only to see the market shift and now Kirkland is home to but a handful. Georgie's gallery was one of the first. "The demographics have changed so much in Kirkland over the years," she explains, "look around and all you see is nail shops, salons and restaurants." The changing face of retail has indeed changed the face of Kirkland over the years. It is no coincidence to Georgie that the businesses which are coming to Kirkland today are mostly service industries, the ones who have been least impacted by the shift in consumer preference toward online shopping.
Georgie will retire on February 28 and has plans to learn Italian in preparation for her upcoming Italian vacation. Simplicity Decor will open a sister store for children, Simplicity ABC, likely to open in the spring.
A walk through Lakeshore Gallery reminded me of just how much the artwork from Georgie's gallery has been a part of my life without my even knowing it. So many of the items on display are familiar to me having seen them in my home and the homes of my family and friends. My wife is obviously a big fan.
Georgie, enjoy your well-deserved retirement. Kirkland is a better place for having you here. We will miss you.
The following email announced the closing of Lakeshore Gallery:
It is with anticipation (and also sadness) that Georgie Kilrain announces her retirement, and closing of Lakeshore Gallery, effective February 28 -- after 29 years in downtown Kirkland. The many relationships developed with artists, patrons, and the community will be greatly missed.
Merchandise and all store fixtures will be available for purchase until closing.  Please stop in to say goodbye before the end of February.
(425) 827-0606 Lakeshore Gallery 107 Park Lane Kirkland, WA  98033