LETTER | Marina Park aka Grand Central Station


I apologize if this is a mix of griping and a question. From the department of caveat emptor I bought a condo at the Mariner, a complete newcomer to Kirkland and specifically the neighborhood. I love the area. The shops, restaurants all within a short stroll.

Summer was interesting. The courteous boaters partying until all hours and a seemingly unsolvable jurisdictional battle between Kirkland land police and Seattle water police over who should try to curtail them. The parking battle got me off the couch every two hours and the walks I got in dealing with it probably shed a few pounds off of me and made my dog quite happy. The view and the aforementioned neighborhood far out-weighed the nautical revelry and the parking. The Holidays were certainly brightened up by the lights and in case you were planning on not being in the spirit of the season, Argosy made quite sure you re-considered that notion by providing Holiday music prior to sailings at a level that had one raising a Holiday white flag. Did I mention the shops, etc.?

There is also Marina Park. Certainly we are lucky to have this as a city, and even more fortunate to have it so close to us, or so I try to convince my self. Is there a reason that seemingly every Kirkland event is held there and every road race has to begin and end there? It seems to me a great deal of money was spent on Juanita Bay Park, yet it is never the venue for any of the seemingly weekly events. I'd also be curious if there is any sort of ordinance or at least a nod given to common decency when it comes to the volume on the P.A. systems the race Carnival Barkers employ. I suppose I answered my own question with my mention of Argosy being allowed to blast Holiday cheer at decibels that had Santa plugging his ears at the North Pole.

OK then, I'm done..........Thanks for giving me an outlet, I feel so much better.......

Maureen Burns