Doreen Marchione -- Kirkland's new Deputy Mayor


On Tuesday night at the first Kirkland City Council meeting of 2012, the victors of the November election were sworn in and the council selected which among them would be the next mayor and deputy mayor. Deputy Mayor Penny Sweet nominated Councilmember Doreen Marchione for the deputy mayor position saying, "It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as deputy mayor during the first two years of my term. I have enjoyed it immensely."

The council then unanimously voted Mayor Joan McBride to lead the city for another term and for Marchione to be Deputy Mayor.

Marchione has served on the Kirkland City Council for two years. Before moving to Kirkland, in the mid 1980's Marchione served for eight years as Mayor of the City of Redmond, where her son, John now serves in that capacity.