114th Ave. NE & 85th St. intersection striping Dec. 3

The following is a Public Works Project Update:

In order to get critical work complete as soon as possible and during good weather, the contractor is scheduled to do pavement marking (striping) on Saturday, December 3 from 7:00am to 5:00pm. Commuters should expect traffic delays, use alternate routes and plan ahead. Traffic will be maintained in each direction with flagging operations directing traffic when necessary. All work is weather-dependent and could be rescheduled as needed. The goal is to have the intersection fully operational by mid-December. Thank you for your patience while we complete this project as efficiently as possible.

Driver Alert: Once the new signal is operational, it is important for drivers to learn where to position themselves to make the new left-turns safely.

Southbound 114th Avenue NE will have three southbound lanes approaching NE 85th Street: two left-turn lanes; and one through and right-turn lane.

Two left turn lanes:

  • Easternmost left: If drivers are turning eastbound up NE 85th Street, they should be in the furthest left turn lane (this is a NE 85th Street ONLY lane).
  • Middle lane/westerly left-turn lane: If drivers want to access I-405 southbound, they should be in the middle/westerly left-turn lane. This lane may access I-405 southbound OR also head east on NE 85th Street.

Right or furthest west lane:

  • If drivers want to go straight through to Kirkland Way or turn right on NE 85th Street toward downtown Kirkland they should use the far right lane, as is the current case.

Signage and pavement markings in advance of the signal will direct drivers to execute the new double left-turn configuration.

For more information: go to the project web site. Or go to www.kirklandwa.gov and search 114th Ave NE & NE 85th St.