Local Waste Management Driver nominated for Driver of the Year

Meet Steve Wegener. He is a local Waste Management driver who has been with the company since 1988. Steve has been nominated for Driver of the Year for three years in a row by his colleagues and managers, and this year, he became a finalist among five drivers and was recognized at company headquarters in Houston. Steve is one of 26,000 drivers.

Steve's co-workers, managers and customers have some pretty great things about him:

“Steve does his work with precision, professionalism and a smile” (customer in Kirkland)

“Steve is dedicated to our customers and his coworkers and safety” (coworker)

“He is the guy who would give you the shirt off his back; he comes to work every day with a smile even when it is stressful.” (coworker)

“He pitches in, always fixing customer problems.” (manager)

Waste Management recognizes exceptional individuals through a Driver / Operator of the Year program in which co-workers and managers submit nominations, and then a selection committee in each category selects finalists -— without identifying the nominees’ names or locations. There are strict criteria and scoring requirements, with co-worker and customer statements weighed in the final scoring.

The program is intended to:

· Recognize drivers/operators who exemplify a commitment to safety

· Identify and honor employees who have displayed a high degree of excellence during the previous year in their day-to-day duties

· Honor those drivers/operators who have gone above and beyond in customer service and dedication

· Recognize these employees for doing something very special and out of the ordinary to help other WM employees

Criteria for Driver /Operator of the Year

Finalists must:

· Be a fulltime WM employee

· Have a minimum of four years of experience with WM

· Be incident/injury free for the past two years

· Have no unexcused absences in the previous 12 months

· Have no Life Critical Rules violations in the previous 12 months

· Have a clean MVR, with no moving violations in the previous three years

Waste Mangement is obviously grateful to have Steve Wegener on their team and the people of Kirkland are lucky to have such a dedicated and professional man behind the wheel.

In our busy daily lives we sometimes forget to thank the good folks who work hard on our behalf providing the services we need. The mailman, the maintenance person, the waste management driver -- these folks do good work, often behind the scenes. They are the people who help make our city run smoothly. Steve Wegener is just such a person.

For this reason we'd like to say thank you, Steve, and congratulations on a job well-done. You are an asset to our community and you help make our town such a great place in which to live.