Anonymously Yours | Happy Thanksgiving

[scrollGallery id=191] Kirkland's anonymous decorators have struck again, this time making sure the Cow and The Coyote statue on Central Way are well-dressed for the Thanksgiving party circuit. This year the coyote is sporting a holiday classic -- an exquisitely detailed, hand-stitched turkey costume -- fitting for any occasion. Not to be outdone, the cow is donning the latest in pilgrim fashion. Note the chic chapeau and buckles -- a stunning display of tradition and taste. Bravo!

The decorating of the Cow and The Coyote is a local tradition which continues each holiday.


Quirky? Yes. Does it show pride in our community? Absolutely. We say, well done!

The Cow and The Coyote is Kirkland’s version, albeit smaller and less well-known, of the Fremont Waiting for the Interurban.