Latest vote counts in Greenway - Nixon race for Kirkland City Council

The latest vote count from King County Elections shows Toby Nixon has margin of 237 votes over incumbent Jessica Greenway. Nixon's vote count increased from 9075 to 9836, an increase of 761. Greenway’s count increased from 8822 to 9599, an increase of 777.

The percentage of as yet uncounted votes needed by Greenway in order to overcome Nixon margin: 57.98%

In other words, assuming ALL as yet uncounted ballots are cast for either Nixon or Greenway, Greenway would need to get 57.98% of the votes received but not yet counted in order to overcome the current margin.

As of last count, 1485 ballots were remaining to be counted. If the 1485 uncounted ballots are undervoted at the same rate as those already received (about 14.44% undervote), then only 1271votes remain. Greenway would need 59.32% of those remaining votes to overcome the margin.

There are about 700 ballots that have missing or mismatched signatures. The county as well as the campaigns are encouraging those voters to address those problems so that their ballots can be counted. Make sure your vote was counted.
King County Elections next releases results tonight after 4:00 p.m.