LETTER | Thank you KFD and Public Works for protecting our house (poll)

Dear Editor:

Major props, and I mean MAJOR props to the Kirkland Fire Department and the Kirkland Public Works Department who did such a great job last night protecting our house from flooding when a water main burst spewing 4,000 gallons of water per minute down the street.  Trust me, that is a heck of a lot of water.  We live on the down slope of a hill.  The water main burst just up hill from our house.

The Fire Department was the first to arrive and they did everything they could to build a quick coffer dam to keep the water in the street and away from the house.  They were finding large rocks, got some wood from me, and dug up the grass to block the water from flooding our house.  No water got into the house.

The water ran for about half an hour.  The road was wrecked.

But by morning, the pipe was fixed, and the road was made passable.

My front yard looked like heck in the am, but when I checked in on it at lunch, workers from the Public Works Department had done a pretty good job fixing it back up.

These heros for the day were up real late at night fixing things up so the local residents could continue on pretty normally.

That my friends is excellent public service.


The Christiansen Family