Initiative 1163 Headed to Overwhelming Win, says Yes on 1163 campaign

The following is from the Yes on 1163 campaign:
Voters Again Say that Increased Training, Background Checks for Long-Term Care Workers Are a Top Priority

Following the initial ballot count from the Secretary of State’s office showing I-1163 passing strongly statewide, the Yes on 1163 released the following statement:

“In 2008, the voters of Washington State overwhelmingly voted to increased the training hours and require federal background checks for home care workers. Today, the voters have spoken again, making a strong statement that they expect quality care for our vulnerable seniors and people with disabilities to be a high priority.

“Throughout this campaign, voters have heard about the cost of this initiative, including a grossly inaccurate and inflated cost number from the opposition campaign, which was led by scandal-tarnished, for-profit long-term care providers, who placed their own profits ahead of needed reforms.

“But the voters have spoken out loud and clear, saying these reforms must be implemented now, before more vulnerable people fall through the cracks and suffer serious harm. And they voted yes on this measure while fully aware that this is a difficult time for this state’s budget. The voters knew the I-1163  costs and know the budget situation well, yet again clearly stated that better training is a priority and should be funded.

“Today, for the second time, voters in Washington have said that we cannot afford not to do this. Our state needs higher training standards for those who care for our most vulnerable and we need to ensure that those caregivers do not have violent or abusive histories. We now look to the legislature to fully implement the will of the voters regarding basic training and background checks for home care workers.”