Remember to mail your ballot today; thank you to the candidates

Just in case you have yet to mail in your general election ballot, this is a little reminder that today is the deadline.

If you need more information about the candidates running for Kirkland City Council, please review our Kirkland Voter Guide.

If you'd like to read articles about the election, please follow this link.

As an aside, I would like to thank each and every one of the candidates who stepped up and ran for Kirkland City Council. Some of them dropped out along the way. Some more will be defeated after tonight. Win or lose, it takes courage, conviction and a great sense of community service (and perhaps just a dash of ego) to go through the sometimes grueling, often unsavory election process.

The candidates who asked us for our vote did so respectfully. Their supporters vigorously expressed their own first amendment rights and sometimes that can be uncomfortable to witness. That's democracy.

So, to the candidates, their campaign teams and their many supporters, I say thank you. Thank you for participating in a process which was long and difficult and exhausting. You should be commended. Win or lose, your efforts matter. We are all better off for your participation.