LETTER | Voters Should Disregard Greenway's Hit Pieces

Dear Editor:

Jessica Greenway must think Halloween is on Election Day this year when you look at the hobgoblins and outright ghost stories her expensive hit pieces spew about me. If you're disturbed by anything you've heard or read and are saying to yourself "That's silly - that's not the Toby I know!", you're exactly right. I'm disappointed that after eight years on the council she's stuck in partisan attack mode when we have such a growing city with great potential to fulfill by working together. It's clear we need a new voice on the council. My campaign has been working to bring all of Kirkland together which is one reason I'm endorsed by former Mayors Deb Eddy and Bill Woods, several former councilmembers, the Kirkland Professional Fire Fighters, the Seattle Times, and many other friends and neighbors. I'm asking every voter to vote for me and join with me to build a better future for our Kirkland. As always, if you have questions, call me personally at (206) 790-6377, email me at toby@tobynixon.com, or visit www.tobynixon.com.

Best regards,


Toby Nixon