Kirkland Market construction changes face of Lake Street

The new Kirkland Market located at 15 Lake Street is showing outward signs of vitality this week with the installment of awnings above the sidewalk. Anticipation of the Kirkland Market is rising in downtown as people see signs of progress. The location of the building at the foot of Park Lane makes it perfect to become a new hub of activity in town. Last month we reported that Sasi's Cafe signed up as a tenant in the building. We look forward to reporting on more news soon.

From the images we’ve seen, this looks like a great addition to downtown Kirkland. It reminds me of two of my favorite spots which were also reclaimed from former uses: San Francisco’s Ferry Building Marketplaceand Seattle’s Melrose Market. Both of these offer dining, shopping and lively atmospheres in re-purposed buildings. Our hope is that these two successful marketplaces are models for the new Kirkland Market.