LETTER | Reject Rejection and Support Sternoff

To the Editor:

The behavior of the Citizens for Concerned Kirkland, an anonymous Political Action Committee, has compelled me to action.

I am writing a general letter to the community in support of Bob Sternoff, our long-standing and experienced Councilmember who is running for re-election to a third term.  Over the past years, I have attended many Council meetings, as well as been part of meetings with Council to report on various public art issues related to our Kirkland neighborhoods and downtown streets.  When I compare the two candidates, I cannot fathom selecting the opponent over Bob.

In spite of outright attacks, Bob has continued to serve Kirkland and Kirkland residents tirelessly over the span of the past years.  He is experienced, dedicated, intelligent, connected to citizens and businesses, hard-working and determined to be a part of “taking Kirkland to the next level.”

Bob plans to work toward a more seamless integration of the annexation area, to analyze and ameliorate the effects of the upcoming bridge toll and to be a proactive supporter of managed growth in downtown and Totem Lake.  All of the things we need, he is working for, has been working for and will continue to work for into the future.  There are very few qualities that can substitute for this kind of ground-level, gut-level experience.

The tactics of the citizen group formed to defeat Bob are beneath us.  Kirkland is better than this.   We campaign FOR CANDIDATES.  We do not campaign against candidates.  Our mothers taught us better than this.  It would be justice in action if all of Kirkland voted for Bob in repudiation of these tactics.


Kathy Page Feek, Ed. D.