Letter of support for Bob Sternoff from citizens, former mayors & council members

[box type="note" style="rounded" border="full"]To the Editor, This letter from the Bob Sternoff for Kirkland City Council Campaign inadvertantly contained the name of Jim Henwood, former City Council Member.  Jim's name should not have been included.  I apologize for the mistake.

Thank you, Sue Contreras Campaign Chair[/box]


The following is a letter submitted to Kirkland Views:


To the Citizens of Kirkland,

We, the undersigned, are former Kirkland Mayors, former Kirkland City Council members, and citizens of Kirkland.

We have all chosen to support Bob Sternoff in the current election based on his unequalled experience and tireless work on countless local and regional committees and organizations on behalf of all Kirkland citizens. As the Council’s chair of the annexation committee, he continues to work toward creating a unified Kirkland

We are disappointed in the campaign being waged against current Councilmember Sternoff by a small “anonymous” group. They are focused on an issue that the Council voted unanimously to put to rest nearly 2 years ago. There was no lawful finding of any violation of existing city or state laws or codes, ethical or otherwise.

No other candidate for city council can match the understanding and familiarity Bob brings to the Council and city.

As those who live in this great city and have a vested interest in its future, we stand by Councilmember Sternoff.


Mary-Alyce Burleigh, Former Kirkland Mayor   Deb Eddy, Former Kirkland Mayor                       Bill Woods, Former Kirkland Mayor                     Jim Vaux, Former Kirkland Mayor                       Larry Springer, Former Kirkland Mayor             Bob Neir, Former Kirkland Mayor                                    D.V. Hurst, Former Kirkland Mayor

Santos Contreras, Former Kirkland City Council  Dick Ekins, Former Kirkland City Council Dick Shinstrom, Former Kirkland City Council Vern Stoops, Former Kirkland City Council  Joe Martineau, Former Kirkland City Council

Kirkland Professional Firefighters

  • Jim Feek
  • Kathy Feek
  • Bob Baldridge
  • Kellie Jordan
  • Brian Shannon
  • Becky Ballantine
  • Nan Bergdahl
  • Rich Bergdahl
  • Caroline Bombar-Kaplan
  • Eric Campbell
  • Myron Lewis
  • Noel Chia
  • Julie Anne Chia
  • Joe Coakley
  • Sue Contreras
  • Jon Pascal
  • Jackie Pendergrass
  • Mary I. Davidson
  • Don Dicks
  • Merrily Dicks
  • Tracy Doering
  • Craig Dulis
  • Nathan Eimeers
  • Jerry Forell
  • Jerry Party
  • Karin Party
  • Linda Forell
  • Shellie Gehring
  • Michael Garrett
  • Rachel Knight
  • Kathy Eglet
  • Amy Introligator
  • Hal Kaplan
  • Lynda Haneman
  • Michelle Goerdel
  • Jane Gordon
  • Carolyn Hayek
  • Andy Held
  • Cindy Zech
  • Ralph Zech
  • Bill Henkens
  • Chelsey Hill
  • Carolyn Hitter
  • Jim Hitter
  • Rob Brown
  • Pam Hynes
  • Ken Jennings
  • Maureen Kelly
  • Skip Eglet
  • Johanna Palmer
  • Dan Krehbiel
  • Patty Leverett
  • Larry Mallory
  • Bonnie McLeod
  • Skip Nelson
  • Rick Ockerman
  • Carson Odegard
  • Glenn Peterson
  • Joene La Bou
  • Art Larson
  • Patti Smith
  • Armene Wegener
  • Michele Yousef
  • G.G. Getz
  • Sabrina Matson
  • Matt McCauley
  • Chuck Pilcher
  • Rick Whitney
  • Mathew Pruitt
  • Stu McLeod
  • Scott Morris
  • Bruce Reid
  • John Rudolph
  • Bonnie Fletcher
  • Terri Fletcher
  • Tia Scarce
  • Sean Schwender
  • Jann Castleberry
  • Joe Castleberry
  • Jackie Smith
  • Joel Smith
  • Sid Starr
  • Susan Thornes

And many more……