Ecology, Kirkland Fire Dept. and King County Sheriff respond to oil sheen on Lake Washington


The state Department of Ecology (Ecology), the Kirkland Fire Department and King County Sheriff responded today to a diesel oil sheen on Lake Washington, looking for the source and trying to prevent the sheen’s spread.


The oil sheen was reported to Ecology at about 10 a.m. today, Sunday, Oct. 9, 2011.


The sheen was approximately 100 feet by 30 feet in size, located on the east side of Lake Washington near Lake Street. City of Kirkland Stormwater Division and Ecology water quality experts are on-scene trying to determine the cause of the spill. The diesel has now been tracked back to two storm drains. The storm drains are now plugged to protect the lake.


Ecology and King County Sheriff have employed about 900 feet of oil containment boom and absorbent boom in the area to prevent spreading.


All diesel spills cause environmental damage, regardless of size. Oil is toxic to the environment and the damage starts as soon as the oil hits water. A single quart of oil has the potential to foul more than 100,000 gallons of water.