Ford of Kirkland Goes Green with Energy Efficient Lighting

- Dealership enjoys environmental and cost-efficient benefits from greening project -

Recent updates that Ford of Kirkland made to its lighting system are expected to reduce the dealership’s energy output by more than 70,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year and save more than $141,000 in energy costs over the next 20 years.


“In a continuing effort to look for ways to be environmentally friendly, our team made a decision to upgrade the lighting in our facility,” said Jim Walen, Dealer Principal at Ford of Kirkland. “We put out to bid a year ago and we were able find two great partners to help us realize our vision: Dan Petitt and his Seahurst Electric crew, and Jeff Petersen from Puget Sound Energy.”


The project cost $50,000 and included upgrading Ford Of Kirkland’s standard lighting fixtures to energy-efficient models. According to Seahurst Electric estimates, the new lighting system will dramatically reduce output of environmental pollutants such as carbon dioxide and mercury. The estimate also compares the reduced environmental impact to the following equivalent benefits:

·       planting 275 acres of trees per year

·       saving 5,829 gallons of gasoline per year

·       reducing oil demand by 109 gallons per year


Aside from being environmentally friendly, Ford of Kirkland also found the project to be cost-efficient.


“With the help of Jeff at Puget Sound Energy, we found that we qualified for a large rebate to help defer the large initial cost. Further, we estimate that this upgrade will actually pay for itself in the next 2 1/2 years in the form of lower energy bills due to less energy use,” Walen said.


The entire Ford of Kirkland team is pleased with the changes. “Not only did we go green with energy savings, but our technicians are quite pleased with the improved shop lighting,” Walen said.


”We are real excited that our store is brighter and we are saving energy at the same time,”

said Service Director Tom Olson.


“I look forward to taking advantage and using the savings to explore more ways to make our business GREEN,” said Office Manager Heather McVey.


Note: The lighting shown in the photo above was the "before" shot taken prior to the energy efficiency  lighting installation. The photo was taken in the winter. - Editor