In Their Own Words | Candidate Dave Asher (video)

  Sometimes a video is more informative than mere words and a few photos. When it comes to choosing the best candidates for Kirkland City Council, we think this axiom applies.

Kirkland Views presents the candidates responding to questions from the public in the following video series, In Their Own Words.

Since most Kirklanders have neither the time nor the inclination to go to a city council candidate forum, we offer this video series as a snapshot of each candidate as they respond to questions from the public.

Dave Asher, candidate for Kirkland City Council, Position 2

Learn more about Dave Asher and all candidates running for city council at our Kirkland Voter Guide.

In Their Own Words video series:

At Heritage Hall on September 19, 2011, the Moss Bay Neighborhood Association hosted a candidate forum in which the candidates for Kirkland

City Council answered questions from the moderator and the audience.* Questions were submitted by neighbors both by email and in person, time permitting. The candidates were not informed of the questions in advance.

The following were some of the questions asked of each candidate:

  • Name an issue on which you and your opponent disagree.
  • What can the city council do to help downtown thrive?
  • How will there be stable funding over the next ten years to support city programs and infrastructure?
  • How can the public better interact with the city council?
  • Public Employees Unions endorse candidates who, if elected, will negotiate union contracts with the City. This arrangement has the potential for abuse and at a minimum causes the public to question the propriety of campaign endorsements by unions. Do you think it is appropriate for unions to endorse candidates? Have you sought endorsement by Public Employees Unions?

*Jim Hart, candidate for Kirkland City Council Position 6, was unable to attend the candidate forum due to a family illness.

Kirkland Views presents this series is as a public service. We edited approximately twenty-five minutes of video for each candidate down to about three minutes each. Presenting an engaging, informative, relevant and representative video of each candidate was our goal. Our intent in editing was to remain objective and true to each candidate's words. While each candidate answered every question, every answer by a candidate is not necessarily presented in this video series due to factors such as marginal video and audio quality of a section, repetitive answers by some candidates, and the various communication styles of each candidate (read: some candidates expound in greater detail when answering questions than others).

We have attempted to fairly represent each candidate.

Thank you to the Moss Bay Neighborhood Association for hosting this event at Heritage Hall on September 19, 2011.