REMINDER: Potala Village Q&A at Houghton Fire Station, Tonight at 7pm



When:       Monday, September 26, 7:00 PM

Where:      Houghton Fire Station #22 (East of Metropolitan Market at 6602 108th Ave. NE)

Purpose:    Hear presentations from developer Lobsang Dargey* (or staff)

Hear from City of Kirkland staff

Ask your questions

This is regarding Potala Village,** a very high density apartment development

(Highest density of anything we've found in Kirkland, approx 118 units/Acre)

(Prior city documents cite 18 units/acre in Moss Bay & 56/acre average in downtown)


Questions and Concerns raised by neighbors to date include:

  •                     Inappropriate density (116 units/acre)
  •                     "Big Box" looking apartment (not aesthetically pleasing)
  •                     Does not "fit" in this residential neighborhood where density is just 12 units/acre
  •                     Does not "fit" the aesthetic needs of Kirkland's signature Boulevard
  •                     Parking within the project is lacking & local street parking is already full
  •                     Traffic of nearly 300 additional cars is unacceptable. LWB comes to a stop here
  •                     Worsening traffic is difficult for residents & may discourage visitors to downtown
  •                     Density will cause horrid light, noise impact to Single family homes next door
  •                     A huge building will net tremendous loss of evening sunlight to next door condos
  •                     Areas of the building are in conflict with setback/yard requirements
  •                     The ground floor is supposed to be 75% office, designed as only 20% office
  •                     The ground floor is designed as mostly parking (not allowed) to increase density
  •                     The development is in dramatic conflict with the approved Comprehensive Plan
  •                     The loss of parcels zoned for small neighborhood serving business is not OK
  •                     Public views toward the lake and toward the Cascades will be impaired
  •                     Environmental concerns include conaminated soils, impervious surface, wildlife
  •                     Previous proposals for this site (e.g. condo w/16 units) denied as too many units
  •                     How is the project funded? Many different loan arrangements seem advertised.
  •                     Could the project end up incomplete as a fenced in, partially completed, big box?


The concern about traffic and parking is very important to most of the participants in this process.

At the same time, it is important to give equal thought and equal input on the other concerns of the community.



There will also be a brief City presentation on a Transportation Benefit District (TBD)

being considered to raise money for road maintenance (Seattle City Council just approved

this type of fee/tax to save the transit system there.) The City is seeking community input.