Kudos Kirkland Power Washes Downtown Businesses

Kudos Kirkland volunteers were out bright and early power washing the sidewalks of downtown Kirkland businesses three days this week. Over the course of a year, sidewalks in front of local businesses become dirty with moss, muck and grime (technical terms) and they need cleaning. Power washing is the most effective method, but many local businesses do not have access to the machinery or the ability to operate it. Michelle Sailor, co-founder of Kudos Kirkland recognized the situation and set out to find a solution. Sailor organized a group of Kudos Kirkland volunteers to power wash the sidewalks of business members of Kudos Kirkland in need of some assistance. She arranged for power washing machines and operators to hit the streets starting at 7:00 a.m. on Monday thru Wednesday of this week. On Tuesday, while the Kudos team worked on business storefronts, a team from Public Works worked along side in Marina Park power washing the public areas too.

As always, Kudos Kirkland strives to identify areas around town where volunteers can make a difference. Sprucing up our city, and not stepping on anyone's toes in the process is the goal of Kudos Kirkland. By working in conjunction with stakeholders such as neighbors, businesses and City Hall, Kudos Kirkland is making a real difference in town.

We say Kudos to Michelle and her team of volunteers for another project well done!


On Thursday September 22, from 8-10am, the Kudos Kirkland group will be working on the Market Street median from approximately 7th Ave. W. to 10th Ave. W. Volunteers are always welcome to join these efforts to improve our community. Contact us by email to join.

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Market Street Cleanup 2nd Week