The Pros and Cons of Initiative 1183

Washington State's government monopoly on the sale of liquor will again be challenged at the ballot in November when Initiative 1183 goes before the voters in the General Election. In 2010 a similar initiative (I-1100) was shot down by the electorate, but this year the 78-year old monopoly may come to an end as Initiative 1183 addresses many of the weaknesses found in previous attempts to wrestle control over the sale of liquor from Olympia.

Below we have posted television ads running from both camps as well as the arguments for and against Initiative Measure 1183 as found in the voters pamphlet.

According to Ballotpedia, Costco Wholesale Group is a major contributor in the Pro- campaign and the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Local 21 is a primary backer of the Con- campaign. The advertisements are already flooding the airwaves from both camps. Voters need to on the look out for half-truths and misleading claims.

According to the description prepared by the Washington Secretary of State:

This measure would close state liquor stores and sell their assets including the liquor distribution center. The state would license private parties to distribute spirits and to sell spirits in retail stores meeting certain criteria, subject to specified training and compliance requirements. The measure establishes licensing fees for sale and distribution of spirits based on the licensee’s sales revenues. It would change some wine distribution laws and allow non-uniform wholesale pricing for wine and spirits.

Additional information can be found by following these links:

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