Opt out of junk mail with new online service

Say ‘No!’ to junk mail with new King County EcoConsumer online service

Project with non-profit Catalog Choice makes unwanted mail opt-outs easier

King County residents can now make unwanted mail go away with just a few clicks on their computer.

“You have the ability to opt out of junk mail now to stop the flurry of holiday catalogs you don’t want,” said King County Executive Dow Constantine. “Recycling is great, but reducing waste at the source is even better.”

The King County EcoConsumer program has joined forces with non-profit Catalog Choice to provide a convenient website,kingcounty.catalogchoice.org, where residents can opt out of thousands of different catalogs, coupons, credit offers, circulars, newsletters, other junk mailings and unwanted phone books. This service is prominently featured on the EcoConsumer website at: http://your.kingcounty.gov/solidwaste/ecoconsumer/.

In addition to making mail and phone book opt-outs easier, this partnership will allow King County to make solid estimates about the amount of paper waste being diverted from its regional landfill. Using ZIP codes, Catalog Choice will provide to the County data on the amount of mail being reduced and the number of County residents participating.

The opt-out website is intended for all King County residents who live outside the City of Seattle. Seattle Public Utilities also offers this Catalog Choice service for Seattle residents at http://seattle.catalogchoice.org.

For more information about this innovative waste prevention service, contact EcoConsumer Tom Watson at 206-296-4481 or tom.watson@kingcounty.gov.